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May 20 2017

Tak, możesz być wszystkim dla mnie. Wierzę w ciebie i wierzyłam od pierwszej chwili naszego poznania. Możesz wszystko zmienić, wszystko ze mnie zrobić, co zechcesz. Tylko chciej tego i kochaj mnie bardzo. Mnie trzeba strasznie, bez pamięci kochać i trzymać z całej siły. Inaczej nie ma mnie. Ginę czasem nawet sama dla siebie. Sama siebie nie znam w takich chwilach.
— Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz
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picasso photographed by gjon mili, 1949

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Bookstore in a ruined city.

Leon Idzikowski
Musical notes - Books

Warsaw, Poland, summer 1945.

May 17 2017

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The carpet in this sky bridge is based on aerial photographs.

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cutting ties

it was about damn time.

Know what my favorite part of this is? That one only has ties on a small part of their body whereas the other is tied all along one side up to the face, meaning one person is not quite as invested in the relationship as the other. Even better thought, the one with most ties is the one with the scissors. Im so glad they’ve built up the courage to leave even if it means cutting out a larger part out of their life than the other.

so relevant

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If you’re an introvert, follow @introvertunites​​​.

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The most effective way to do it, is to do it.
(via wordsnquotes)
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